Guinness® had just become an official sponsor of the 3-day Hong Kong Sevens rugby tournament. They wanted to create a strong and lasting connection between Guinness and the event in the mind of the consumer, making the brand synonymous with the Hong Kong Sevens.
The insight - many of the 20,000 overseas visitors to the Sevens are unsure where to go after the final whistle and can't communicate in Cantonese.

We created the Guinness Passport to Greatness, the world's first talking mobile event guide that speaks Cantonese for you through your mobile's loudspeaker. It contained event match schedules, a city guide, useful Cantonese phrases, plus all the top spots to grab a Guinness. Application downloads were driven by a competition to win Sevens tickets, which was spread virally online through the Hong Kong Rugby Football Union, social networking sites and also local/international PR.
On top of having 1000s of downloads during the week-long event, the campaign boosted Guinness sales by 30% year-on-year. Coverage of the campaign spread to the internet. Blogs mentioned it as far away as the UK and Brazil. The campaign was even presented by rival agencies as a case study of leading edge mobile advertising at the 2008 Cannes Festival.